PIA Projectos de Intervenção Artística (Artistic Intervention Projects) was founded in May of 2002, in Pinhal Novo Village (Portugal), as an professional platform directed for the Street Performance and Visual Arts.
With a Multidisciplinary character, the creations of this company address the Physical Theater, the body language as the primary basis for the motion and drama, illustrated by Animated Forms; the New Circus using in a singular way with sense and perfect domain the balance techniques, in particular the Stilts; the Aesthetics Plasticity  that explores the concept of the artistic Installation, in its processing capacity of the public space perception, in its ephemerality within a place, that allows to absorb the singularities, making it unique on the different paths that cross, but at the same time with different meanings from its essence and from what it awakens on those who see it.
Directing it's pieces for the public and non-conventional spaces as a choice (not necessarily as a lack of alternative), PIA assumes the STREET as a "state of consciousness"; a "stage"; for excellence, for its most direct way to reach a artistic process among the populations, a vitality to social relations, where are possible other links through the integration of art, which, at first sight there is none, making possible the proximity and accessibility of the public to the arts, and achievablethe the work of this company, to any citizen of the world, regardless social, racial or religious divisions.
It is since 2007 that PIA includes, the Programming Team as artistic consultation for street theater performances for FIG International Festival of Giants (Portugal), an unprecedented festival of animated traditional forms, that cross the traditional arts with the most contemporary artistic expressions.
Responsable for the Artistic Direction of CIÊNCIA NA RUA International Festival of Science and Art, between 2008 and 2014 (last edition), a unique event organized by Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz, with the aim to promote the crossing of artistic and scientific languages, annually turning the city of Estremoz in an open stage for experimentation and creativity, grounding, inspiring and better making known the scientific processes through Imaginary Universe.
Both of these festivals were recognized with the Quality Label EFFE Europe For Festivals | Festivals For Europe.
With 22 years of existence, PIA’s work is fundamentally marked by the several projects, that more than 100 artists and technicians, gave life with their excellent work, making them travel through Europe, Asia and South America, trough places that have contributed and influenced strongly the continuous growth and consolidation of this group.
Of this international path stands out the participation in International Theater Festival of Bogotá (Colombia), in Bergen International Festival (Norway), in B-Fit in the Street Festivalul Internațional de Teatru de Stradă di Bucaresti (Romania); in Kotor International Theater Festival for Children where it received by ASSITEJ MONTENEGRO International Association of Theaters for Children and Young People, the Special Mention with PASSAGE project for artistic relevance and new sensitivity level achieved; a piece that also received in 2022 the Best Show Award from the Jury at the TAC Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle de Vallolidid, and in FETA International Street and Open-Air Theater Festival of Gdansk (Poland), where it get the critical by Anna Jazgarska for the best proposal for the 2014 festival edition, published in the Magazine of Theatre and Performance Teatralny.pl; the Invitation in 2011, 2013 and 2018 by the Macau Cultural Institute to create a Performance with the local artistic groups the ambit of the Anniversary Celebrations of the Delivery of Macau to China.
Currently the Cultural Cooperative PIA is constituted by:
Helena Oliveira - Direction President and Production Direction
Pedro Leal - Direction Treasurer and Artistic Direction
Álvaro Presumido - Secretariat
João Macau - General Assembly President
Catarina Rosa - General Assembly Vice-President
Cláudia Fulgêncio - Economic Council
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